Play it Cool, A New Musical
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Play It Cool transports you back to the days of film noir and smoky hot jazz in a secret 1953 Hollywood club called Mary's Hideaway. Where men couldn't dance with men and women were expected to know their place in society. It's a show about five individuals: their passions, ambitions and their courage to break the rules no matter what the price.

Everybody's got a secret at Mary's Hideaway.

Sally Mayes - Mary
Michael Buchanan - Will
Chris Hoch - Eddie
Robyn Hurder - Lena
Michael F. McGuirk - Henry

Conceived by Larry Dean Harris
Book by Martin Casella and Larry Dean Harris
Lyrics by Mark Winkler
Music by Phillp Swann
Additional Music by Jim Andron, Michael Cruz, Marilyn Harris, Emilio Palame, Larry Steelman