Play it Cool, A New Musical
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Interview with Sally Mayes

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"Smooth and entertaining!
Keeping Sexuality a secret, Play It Cool is a playful, polished production, well directed with a talented cast featuring Broadway veteran Sally Mayes, an accomplished musical performer who gives the show a genuinely jazzy feel!"
-Associated Press


"Play It Cool boasts an infectious jazz-tinged score, sung by a stellar five-person cast led by the sensational Sally Mayes.
Not only does she give an emotionally honest portrayal of a woman who has lived one too many lies, but she almost literally tears the roof of the small theater in sizzling number after number. She may be playing it cool, but Mayes is smoking hot!"


"You will immediately cast all your cares away and be transported to a land of jazz ecstasy!"
-Talk Entertainment


"An ace in the hole: Sally Mayes, grabs your attention every time!"


"Rosen has elicited solid work from her ensemble of five!"
-Show Business